Events, news and happenings September, 2018

Dear One Hearters, September sees us moving toward the final quarter of the year, with the Autumn Equinox coming up on the 21st and 22nd. One Heart will be having its own special way of marking the time with our open day event Activating your journey or self healing and empowerment. Full details are below or click on […]

One Heart news & events for August 2018

Dear One Heart Community, We’re moving solidly into the second half of 2018. The year has certainly gone by fast huh? If your feeling in need of a little inspiration, rebalancing, healing or simply some new perspectives to bring some vibrancy and colour into your life, then do have a browse through our therapist’s offerings […]

One Heart news & events for June 2018

Dear One Heart Community, It’s coming up to the halfway point in the year, we’re very sorry to be saying a temporary farewell to one of our dearest founder-members Elaine Grundy, who is off back to the UK in July. But the good news is, she’ll be back from time to time, to teach and […]

Events, news and happenings May, 2018

Dear One Hearters, I hope you are enjoying the Labour Day holiday! Were into the fifth month of the year already, and if you are feeling like you need some refreshment and regeneration on your journey through the year, then do check out the offerings from out facilitators and therapists below! In the spirit of […]

One Heart news & events for March 2018

One Heart news & events for March 2018

Events, news and happenings March, 2018 Dear One Heart Comunity, We hope that the Lunar new year of the Earth Dog has started well for you! As we settle into to 2018 as usual One Heart has a whole wealth of events and offerings to heal, inspire and renew you on your journey. Do check […]

Events, news and happenings January, 2018

Events, news and happenings January, 2018

Dear One Hearters, We at One Heart wish you all the best for 2018! May it bring you times of wonder and wondering! January brings two new members to our community of practitioners, Rie Komiya andNatalia Padgen. A warm welcome to both of these talented practitioners, do check out what they are offering this month in their […]

OneHeart Events, news and happenings December, 2017

We’re going into the last month of the 2017.  Perhaps a good time to start looking back on the year that has passed, integrating the wisdom that you have gleaned from your experiences, and letting go of the emotions, people and activities in your life that have served their purpose, and from which it may […]

Oneheart news & events for October 2017

Events, news and happenings October, 2017 Dear Friend, As we continue into the final quarter of the year, One Heart continues to evolve as a community centre for holistic learning & personal growth. Yesterday we had another of our open days which was a rich and interactive experience as usual!Scroll down below for the different workshops & other opportunities […]

One Heart news & events for May 2017

One Heart news & events for May 2017

Dear One Heart Community, Happy May-day everyone! If you are in the northern hemisphere (which we are in Singapore, just) then May 1st places us at the heart of spring and the gateway to summer. Correspondingly at One Heart this month there is a super-rich variety of offerings and events from our community of practitioners… […]

Oneheart news & events for April 2017

Dear OH community, As we move into the second quarter of the year it seems like One Heart is continuing to evolve both in terms of the depth and diversity of its offerings to those on the path of personal growth and self-healing. Do check out some of the events facilitated by our therapists over the […]