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Crystal Sound Bath and Reiki Self-care Evening

with Elaine Victoria Yang  

(For both Reiki practitioners and beginners)

Limited mats, register to book your place for the evening.

A blissful self-care evening where you combine self-Reiki with a crystal bowl sound bath.

The evening’s focus is on self-care. Reiki is first and fundamentally a self-healing modality, and sound has been used for thousands of years as a healing tool in various cultures.

This session combines both Reiki and sound, with you doing your Reiki self-treat, while nine crystal singing bowls are played in symphony for 45 minutes. The pure, healing vibrations from the sound of the crystal bowls, and the group energy, supports and amplifies your self-treatment, allowing for a much deeper and profound session for yourself.

If you are not a Reiki practitioner, but wish to experience having Reiki flow through your hands and give yourself Reiki during the sound bath, you may come 30 min before the event to receive an attunement to Reiki from Elaine.

This attunement will allow you to have Reiki flow through your hands for a few weeks so you get an opportunity to play with the energy, and also give you a more rounded experience for the evening. You may also ask Elaine any questions you may have about Reiki after the event. Please indicate in your registration that you would like to request for an attunement for the session.

*If you are not a Reiki practitioner and only wish to come experience the crystal bowl sound bath, you are welcome to join us.

Review from Elle SG: “How it felt: The “music” was stark and strangely mesmerising — almost like what you’d expect to hear at an avant-garde audio art installation or accompanying an experimental theatre performance. I placed my palms on my lower back and right hip as I’d had back surgery a few months ago and some parts were still a bit sore, and felt a gentle warmth that relaxed my tense muscles.

What was fascinating was how I seemed to be able to imagine the shapes and the locations of the sounds in my body — for example, a sonorous hum that I experienced as a wave that made its way through my legs into my belly, versus a bell-like ring that went to centre of my brain before radiating outwards like an expanding circle.

After the session, I felt calm, relaxed and refreshed. It was more “interesting” than a silent meditation session, and more relaxing than a guided meditation session as verbal instruction was kept to the barest minimum.” (Full article here https://bit.ly/2NlaGL9)

“Elaine’s Crystal Sound Bath & Reiki Self-care evenings are absolutely magical! On its own, they are each wonderful healing modalities, but together, they make a powerful complementary partnership, which has taken my healing experience to greater depths. Beyond the beautiful and deeply centering tones from the singing bowls, what I enjoy most is the element of self-empowerment from giving myself Reiki. Taking responsibility for my own healing journey is an act of deep self-love I have grown to cherish during these sessions, and I’m immensely grateful to Elaine for holding space for me to reconnect with myself. It never fails to amaze me how each session is uniquely different from the next, giving my body exactly what it needs. I leave each session feeling a deep sense of peace, refreshed and rejuvenated, and look forward to the next!” – Clare Chiang

“Elaine’s reiki sound baths have been a valuable tool in helping me manage not only physical pain but mental stress. Her alchemy bowls are beautiful and emit soothing and powerful sounds that allow us to transcend the stressors of daily life. It’s a welcome break to take this hour for reiki self-care as well. Elaine’s gentle intuitiveness of the energy in the room also helps us make sense of what we experience. The combination of reiki energy and sound healing provides for a special night of healing and one that I have made part of my self-care routine.” – Andrea McKenna Brankin


February 11 2019


Date: February 11, 2019
Time: 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

An event every month that begins at 7:30pm on day Second of the month, repeating until December 31, 2019

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Cost: $30
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One Heart Singapore

37 Tembeling Road
Singapore, 423580 Singapore

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Elaine Victoria Yang
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