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Manifesting in this 11 Energy Year with Julie Ann

Last chance to attend this popular workshop … 

Get ready for 2019

Are You Ready to take back Your Power
and Create the Life You came to Live?

There’s never been a better time …

The Universe is on Your Side and Your Soul Path is calling.

So much change is happening in the world, in our lives, and in the lives of those we love.

If you’ve been experiencing moments of overwhelm, of feeling that things are out of control, of wanting to make changes but not sure what exactly … then please know that …

  • you’re not alone
  • nothing has gone wrong
  • you have more power than you might realise to manifest your most heartfelt desires …
    … AND it’s simpler than you’ve been led to believe.

Would you love to take a day out to reset, replenish and renew ?

To get back in touch with the guidance of your heart ?

Now is the perfect time. Why ?

2018 is a powerful 11 energy year (2+0+1+8 = 11).

We’re also in the year of the Earth Dog (the Dog being the 11th sign of the Chinese Horoscope).

November is of course the 11th month of the year.

11 is a master number associated with New Beginnings and Creating the highest vision for your life, so this year the Universe is asking you to Dream Big and follow your heart’s calling.

What better time to begin something new ?


We are moving into a time where it’s never been easier to create a life that will bring you joy, abundance, success and meaning. If you know “the secret”.

It’s time to ask yourself – what do I want NOW ?


Perhaps you believe that making the changes you desire is a long, difficult and complicated process but …

What if there was an explanation for “why things are the way they are” that would finally make sense ?

And what if you could use this knowledge in your own life to create immediate positive shifts.

There Is … and You Can !!


In this workshop …

  • You’ll learn all about the Law Of Attraction (LOA) and discover how you can consciously work with this Universal Law to attract love, joy, abundance, health, success, inspiration, creativity and guidance.
  • You’ll reset your energy and come back to centre, to soul, to heart.
  • You’ll discover how to tune out of negative and disruptive energies.
  • You’ll connect many dots and learn about how quantum physics and your favourite energy modalities fit into this framework.
  • You’ll gain more clarity about what you REALLY want now … and your next steps forward.
  • You’ll hear about the energy of “11” and why this year brings such wonderful opportunities for transformation
  • You’ll experience some simple but powerful processes … and leave with a toolbox of practices to use daily … and …
  • You’ll have a lot of fun !!

If you’ve heard about (and perhaps dismissed or given up on) the LOA before, then prepare to revisit it in a whole new way, as a powerful pathway to positive transformation.


This workshop is suitable for LOA newbies and … those who would like a deeper understanding of the Law Of Attraction and how to apply the teachings in their own lives.

In a nutshell … if it’s calling … then it’s for YOU 🙂


You’ll love this workshop if you …

  • are feeling stuck
  • would love a “reset” or “reboot”
  • want more clarity about your next steps
  • are noticing that your “old methods” are not working so well any more
  • wish to feel happy and fulfilled on a more consistent basis
  • dream of a greater flow of abundance
  • desire better relationships
  • are sensitive or empathic
  • would love to learn more about energy, the law of attraction and the shift that is happening on our planet
  • are frustrated by world events but don’t know how you can have an impact
  • see 11:11 on the clock all the time and wonder why 🙂
  • are ready to REALLY live the life you came to live …

If you’ve gotten this far there’s no accident you’re reading this now.


You … are here to make a difference … and you have so much more power to create positive change for yourself and our planet than you may realise. 

The bonus is that as we work to create conscious change IN and FOR ourselves, we also greatly influence the world around us. In fact that is the most powerful way we can create change on our planet.


So are you IN ?

Class size is limited … so book soon to save your space !!


Energy Exchange is $244
Please click here to make your payment via paypal or credit card.
Or Paynow to 98430317
(make sure you also register by clicking the REGISTER NOW button)

You can also pay on the day with cash or cheque.

 A yummy morning tea is included in the price too.


Julie Ann has been teaching Law of Attraction Workshops for around a decade and is excited to share her knowledge and enthusiasm with you.

Julie also happens to be the creator of the thriving Seeing 11:11 – A Global Vision daily intention project and facebook community (so let’s just say she knows a bit about 11s too).


Testimonials from Participants of Past Law Of Attraction Workshops with Julie Ann …

“This course was so much more than I had expected – wished it didn’t have to end !! Now I can’t wait to get out there and do the work – living my best life !”

“Overall LOVED the workshop, its energy and everything about it! I highly recommend it And not only for the “method’, but for the profound openness and understanding that it offers. Since then I sometimes find myself thinking: “I know how the universe works”. “Scary” ! But beautiful”

“Your knowledge base is vast and this workshop was about so much more than just Law of Attraction. The title describes it well – it’s a SECRET to a happy fulfilling life.”

“Julie is a caring and insightful teacher, who creates a beautiful, safe space within which to learn, question and explore. The workshop brings together teachings and knowledge, with a process to use for yourself. Enjoy !”

“I left feeling lifted, light and thrilled, by the nuggets of knowledge I had gleaned, all instrumental to my ongoing journey in life. Thank you Julie for making it so much fun to continue creating the reality I desire, and believe I will experience!”

Image source: Dragosphotos Dreamstime.com

December 16 2018


Date: December 16, 2018
Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Moonstone Room – One Heart Singapore

37 Tembeling Road
Singapore, 423580 Singapore


Julie Ann
Phone: 98430317
Website: Visit Organizer Website