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Releasing the Power within & Crystal Singing Bowls session with Jennifer & Jaslyn

The Solar Plexus is also called the energetic centre of power. It gives us the energy to take action, is the seat of self-esteem, and expresses our personal power. People with a blocked or unbalanced solar plexus, may find themselves to be controlling, intolerant, to have anger issues or to be excessively competitive. They may even be the opposite and have a poor image of themselves with low self-esteem, fear of trying something new or feel confused. Both may find themselves in unhealthy or in co-dependent relationships. They may also face physical problems within the digestive system.

Having a healthy and balanced solar plexus energetic centre is important as we maneuver through our daily life. It lets us feel empowered, energised, motivated, and confident. It gives us the necessary willpower to brave through life’s uncertainties. We live life with authenticity and integrity. We know our self-worth, and are able to express our identity, set healthy boundaries, and live in harmony with ourselves and the world around us.

Jennifer and Jaslyn will be offering a joint session with the purpose of clearing energetic and emotional blockages in the solar plexus area: Jennifer will use her hands to give a mini-treatment to your abdominal area, which may reduce pain or discomfort. Jaslyn will be playing her Crystal Singing Bowls throughout the healing session to facilitate a relaxing and calming sound therapy during the session.

About the facilitators:
Jennifer is a German certified Naturopath who is trained and gifted at relieving pain from the body and mind with her hands. She is very intuitive and specializes in treating unresolved emotions,which can cause physical pain or discomfort in the body. Her treatments are very gentle, yet deep, and effective. Jennifer further uses natural remedies, herbs, and aromatherapy (no supplements) inher holistic approach to treat acute and chronic illness. For more information about Jennifer, please
click on this link.

Jaslyn is a Usui Reiki Teacher trained under Elaine Grundy, the founder of Reiki Centre. Her first experience with Crystal Singing bowls was in 2015 when she was in her first retreat immersion in Australia. Jaslyn is passionate to pass on her knowledge and educate people about their general well-being, self-discovery, self-empowerment and inner peace through Reiki, fitness and nutrition.
She believes our body is inter-related through Mind, Body and Spirit. One cannot find balance without the other. It is the quest of knowledge for equilibrium that you may find peace within yourself. Her role as a teacher/healer is to guide you on your journey, empower you to healing
yourself and others with light, love and compassion.

May 06 2019


Date: May 6
Time: 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Cost: $40
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Moonstone Room – One Heart Singapore

37 Tembeling Road
Singapore, 423580 Singapore


Jaslyn Kee Ng
Phone: 9752 4857