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Water/Milk Kefir & Lacto Fermentation Workshop with Jaslyn


Learn all about gut health and how it affects our body in this 3.5 hour comprehensive workshop. You will learn about natural probiotic foods like Kefir and Lacto Fermented vegetables and the step by step way to make and harvest them.

Workshop Contents:

-comprehensive manual
-water or milk Kefir starter kit with bottles, sieve, cloth covers, sugar etc.
-hands on on how to make lacto fermented vegetables, Sauerkraut, tomato bombs etc.
-recipes that you can incorporate in your daily life
-sampling of coconut water kefir
-sampling of coconut milk kefir
-sampling of whey
-sampling of different yummy water kefir flavours
-hands-on on flavouring water kefir
-demonstration of low lactose milk kefir products like smoothie, lassi, cheese, butter, etc.
-after class Whatsapp support

Let’s treat our gut better and drink to better health!

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Once you register for the workshop, a separate email with the payment details would be send to you.
Payment will be fully forfeited regardless of the unforeseen circumstances. We recommend that you arrange for someone to attend in your place. Please inform us of the person who will be attending in your place.

A minimum number of person is required to proceed with a class.
In the unlikely event that a class cannot proceed, We reserves the right to change the date or cancel the class. If that occurs, a full refund will be offered.
We will inform you via email.


As a lifestyle, weight loss and health coach, I aim to practice what I preach. I have always been an avid (but irregular) consumer of kefir and fermented vegetables as part of my cultural upbringing, but have always shared with my clients the importance of having a good balance of gut bacteria. However, it has long been my aim to attend a comprehensive seminar on the topic, so that I can start producing my own batches on a regular basis, and hopefully also be able to offer it to my clients as part of my comprehensive services eventually.

Jaslyn who teaches the workshop is a fantastic instructor, guide and coach, and has been providing us with excellent meticulous feedback since the course. Since doing the workshop with her, some of us have gone home to start feeding their babies and children the probiotics they so need for their immune system, some have gone on to producing and selling their own kefir products, some see profound changes in their own health parameters, behaviour, attitude and energy as well as their children’s, and some like me feel truly blessed and “complete” about having mastered the art and being able to share the joy with my clients, friends and family. I must add on the personal side that my sleep quality has increased substantially, most indigestion issues have cleared, and my energy levels have skyrocketed since the workshop.

If you are passionate about your and your family’s wellbeing, and want to take control of your health in your own hands, don’t procrastinate. This is truly a course that teaches you every single detail about making kefir products (dairy and non-dairy!), as well as fermented vegetables. You will acquire a skill set that you will be with you for all your life. I now regularly make my own water kefir, milk kefir and have fermented endless amounts and diversity of vegetables since I took the course from Jaslyn at the end of 2016. They all taste amazing, and my 7 year old can’t have enough of that lychee and rose flavoured water kefir! Needless to say, the skills I learned in the workshop have provided an invaluable contribution to my health coaching practice as well.

Jaslyn truly cares about the wisdom she is sharing with the world and is still there to answer all of our questions, even months after the workshop has ended. I assure you it will not be possible to find a better kefir course than this in Singapore, where you will have continuous handholding, support and dialogue through your learning process. You will be thanking Jaslyn for a long time to come!

-Evren Tore, Lifestyle Coach

I am very grateful for Jaslyn’s fermentation class which was a great practical hands-on experience, where I could practice and ask for advice. Jaslyn also explained thoroughly the reasons behind the health benefits of consuming fermented foods, which is highly proclaimed by internal medicine. Eczema, sinus infections, and very often overweight are caused by allergies, whilst fermented foods are the catalyst to the path of healing the gut from inner-out.

Thank you, Jaslyn, for your gracious sharing and wisdom.

– Maria Pressentin

Thank you for the wonderful class! You are such a patient teacher. Thank you for answering all our questions and letting us sample so many of your fantastic creations!


Based on the recommendation of my kundalini yoga teacher, I decided to give myself a birthday gift by signing up for Jaslyn’s Heal my gut workshop on 19 May.
I had an enjoyable session with my fellow classmates for 3 hours. We learnt how to make both milk and water kefir.

Jaslyn was very patient when answering all our questions and she also demonstrated how we can make use of kefir to make other food and drinks. I have always wanted to make my own cheese/butter which she demonstrated (without any reservations) with milk kefir which was, I feel, a great take away.

We also got to taste her smoothies, water kefir, bread, cheese and butter. It was a great workshop and we are still constantly bugging her with questions since we are all newbies to this. This is important as we need guidance to make our own kefir.

If you are also interested to heal your gut and make your own cheese/butter/bread, this is the workshop that not only benefit you but also your family members. Last but not least, my nails are now shinier and water retention on my thighs reduced. Thanks to Jaslyn.⁠⁠⁠⁠

– Wei San

My daughter and I attended Jaslyn’s class together as we are both interested in improving our diet and health.
Jaslyn is extremely patient and knowledgable. She systematically taught us the properties of the different types of kefir and answered all questions competently.

The best part was the hands on session where we learned how to use kefir to made delicious effervescent kefir-fruit drinks, pickled fruits, vegetables, sauerkraut, kefir butter, yogurt and cheese, in the very clean, organised and well equipped kitchen. Jaslyn also thoughtfuly prepared snacks using these kefir products for the entire class.
We were given the kefir kits to start making our own kefir products. Additional kits were available at very reasonable prices.
Since the class, we have been having kefir drinks and yogurt daily. The kefir cheese makes a lovely dip when mixed with our favorite herbs and spices, and they make great gifts at parties too.

I would highly recommend this class for anyone who is keen on learning how to make these very healthy foods and find out how kefir could improve their health.


I highly recommend going for the kefir workshop conducted by ever so friendly and understanding Jaslyn 🙂 As I am a Muslim, Jas was also very thoughtful about the alcohol content in the kefir drinks & recommended me suitable fermentation times. The reason why I chose to go for the workshop is to make the drinks myself instead of buying it often.. And I realised now much cost I have saved! And also to introduce the drinks to my young children. I can see great improvements especially for my son. He has severe eczema and after drinking kefir daily for nearly 2 weeks now, his skin is super smooth! We are on the way to clean our bodies now & never regretted starting on kefir first. Thanks Jaslyn!


Hi Jaslyn, thank you for the wonderful class, it was very informative, thoroughly enjoyed myself, look forward to taste testing the milk kefir & water kefir.


Really loving my new Kefir routine! Smoothies every morning, lemongrass water kefir as a treat and herbaceous homemade cheese with fermented cherry tomatoes! Great course Jas – so glad I picked up this skill – Thank you!

– Selina

It was curiosity that prompted me to go for the class. And it turned out to be one of the best investments I ever made for my health. I had been supplementing with probiotics for ages because I thought doing fermentation at home was a lot of work. Nothing was further from the truth. It was so easy! And so fast! I loved the class. Jaslyn covered so much in such a short time. We learned how to make cheese, butter, milk kefir drinks, water kefir drinks and even how to ferment vegetables! And the best part was that Jaslyn explained everything in detail and we got to take part in the preparations. And to my surprise I tried almost everything at home! And yes even vegetable fermentation. And it turned out so well! The cheese was even better since I customized it with little additions to suit my taste buds. And through it all Jaslyn was just a short what’s app message away supporting us. I really appreciate that I had her continuous support even after class. Thank you Jaslyn for this wonderful experience. I’ve shared what I make with my friends and family. They love it too.

– Tharanga

September 21 2018


Date: September 21, 2018
Time: 10:00 am - 1:30 pm
Cost: $190
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Ruby Hall – One Heart Singapore

37 Tembeling Road
Singapore, 423580 Singapore


Jaslyn Kee Ng
Phone: 9752 4857