Holistic Wellness Support

The main ingredients of this process are compassionate listening, experience and intuition. Natalia supports clients to find greater awareness of issues, blocks, negative thought patterns and behaviours. With awareness comes the opportunity for change.

If we perceive everything as energy, then the issues holding us back are merely a particular energy that needs to be met and nurtured. This can present as a physical symptom, emotion, thought or behaviour. The energy may need to be released, moved or transmuted.

We are all unique and respond differently to external stimuli. As such the best entry point for change will vary from person to person. Natalia helps find the best entry points and modalities that will suit each client. Natalia’s tool box includes hypnotherapy, reiki, Qi Gong, acupressure/gentle touch, essential oils, crystals and holistic herb and flower remedies. Natalia also refers to a network of qualified practitioners to support clients as needed.

Self Care

Self-care is the way of the future and true health care. Following each session, clients receive a self-care prescription to carry out in daily life where the real change occurs.


$120 per hour (sessions may last from 1 hour to 90 minutes. Self-care prescription also given).


Book your session by emailing: hello@yourbeautifulmind.net or contact Natalia on +65 91862042