karen-newHypnosis is safe and natural, it has been done formally for over 200 years but references date back thousands of years to Egyptian times. Side effects include that you feel more relaxed, feel better about yourself and all the other wonderful positive changes you decide to make!

I help to guide clients into their powerful subconscious minds where all habits, beliefs, behaviours and emotions are stored. It is here that the new acceptable suggestions that a client wants can be embedded for lasting positive change through a variety of techniques. I can also help clients to find the root cause of an issue and gain insight and understanding that enables the release of old unwanted patterns into new more beneficial ones. Finding and releasing the root cause of an issue enables the positive change to be more permanent.

Have a look here for some further information about hypnotherapy.

Areas of Focus: removing fears, career change, motivation, success, confidence, relaxation, stress, relationship issues, sports enhancement, stopping smoking and weight release.

Karen Taylor
$230 per session or $990 for 5 sessions. The first session will be at least 1.5 hours, subsequent sessions may be shorter. I recommend 4 – 6 sessions, however most smokers gain the results they want after 2 sessions.
Monday – Friday 10am – 2pm
Sms or call
9666 4322 for appointments