Hypnotherapy is a wonderful and powerful access point for personal change. Our subconscious mind holds 90-95% of our experience. Accessing the subconscious to create internal change that ripples out is a direct and effective way to address many issues or blocks. It is also known to be time effective and provide fast results.

Hypnotherapy is a 2- way process where both therapist and client come together with the same goal and the desire to create change. Hypnotherapy with Natalia usually requires 3-5 sessions to achieve deep and long-lasting results. Clients are required to commit to a minimum of 3 sessions.

The initial session comprises of an in-depth interview, so Natalia can conduct subconscious mapping and find the best entry points to your beautiful mind. A short hypnosis will also be completed. Following that, Natalia will create specific scripts that are best suited to your personal journey. All sessions are recorded and passed to clients, so they may conduct self-hypnosis at home. This allows for integration of messaging and continued self-care.

Focus areas:

Stress, sleep, self esteem/confidence, complex emotions, physical pain and trauma

Cost: $210 per session


Purchase a block of 3 sessions for $570 (save $60)

For more information on how hypnotherapy works please talk to Natalia… or simply book your sessions!

For enquiries or to book your session, email Natalia at hello@yourbeautifulmind.net or WhatsApp +6591862042