Intuitive Quantum Healing

This beautiful healing practice works on the basis that everything is energy; our thoughts, our feelings and our physicality. Therefore, anything we want to change or heal, no matter how small or big, is merely a form of energy or vibration that requires attention.

Natalia listens to what is unsaid emotionally, physically and energetically. By identifying vibrations within her clients, Natalia creates the ideal environment for them to lift, release and flow. Natalia is merely the space holder for clients to engage in their own healing process.

This intuitive practice incorporates a range of modalities including reiki energy flow, qi gong quantum healing, craniosacral therapy, essential oils, crystals and holistic herb blends. Sessions are completely personalised to each client, their needs and intentions.

Intuitive quantum healing / hypnotherapy hybrid

Natalia incorporates both her strengths for clients. Hypnotherapy is used to achieve lower brainwave activity and create space for internal healing. When paired with energetic practises, the ability to receive and integrate healing is incredibly powerful. Sessions usually comprise of talking, hypnotherapy or guided meditation and energy work. Natalia uses intuitive methods to guide clients through their personal process.


$150 per hour (sessions may last from 1 hour to 90 minutes. Self care prescription given).

Book your session by emailing: or contact Natalia on +65 91862042