Jin Shin Jyutsu Energy Healing

Working with the same pathways (the meridians) that are addressed in an acupuncture session, using Jin Shin Jyutsu ® (JSJ) we apply touch to areas of the body to restore balance and relieve a variety of physical, mental and emotional conditions.


Julie Ann has been practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu (and teaching the powerful “self help” aspect of the system) for over a decade.

1 hour healing session is $150

See here for session availability and information about Julie’s other modalities.


When you come to me for a JSJ session you’ll remain fully clothed and lie face-up on a massage bed. I’ll listen to your “pulses” (just like a TCM practitioner) and that will guide me to how I can best help you in that hour.

I’ll place my hands in various combinations on your body to help bring your body, mind and spirit back into harmony.

Most people feel extremely relaxed (even blissful) during the session.

After the session I will listen to your pulses again and give you some personalised “self help” to do at home.

I believe that although you may come to JSJ for physical reasons, the true power lies in the emotional and spiritual shifts you will experience as a result of this beautiful modality.

If this resonates, I look forward to working with you.