Reiki Healing

A healing session is when a Reiki practitioner gives you a Reiki treatment whereby energy passes through their hands and into your body, providing you an energy boost.  The general uses would encompass anything from general stress relief and revitalizing to treatment for serious ailments, pain, or disease patterns.  Treatments last one hour and after a treatment you can expect to feel very relaxed, calm and rejuvenated, though this varies from session to session depending on what is going on in your body at the time.  For those in pain or suffering from specific ailments, a series of treatments will be required to see significant results, we generally suggest a series of three treatments to kick start your immune system.

Jaslyn Kee
-Reiki Healing
1 hour healing $160 per session
*Package of 3 Reiki Healing sessions at $420

-Distant/Remote Reiki Healing
Distant/remote Reiki is $70 for a session of 30mins and $$120 for a 1 hour session.

-Home Visit Reiki Healing
Home visits are available. Transportation surcharge will be imposed depending on location. Please message or call Jaslyn for more details.

-Reiki Sound Healing
1 hour 15mins healing with Crystal Singing Bowl at $180 per session
*Package of 3 Reiki Sound Healing session at $480

Jaslyn uses her 7 Alchemy Crystal singing bowls,  a Triple heart Morganite and Emerald bowl, a Mother of Platinum bowl, a Clear Platinum Bowl, a Yagna Alchemy Bowl as well as a Ocean Indium Bowl to deepen and harmonise the effect of healing in her Reiki Treatment. The Crystal Bowls works directly with Reiki and channel vibrational energy into the body to heal in a cellular and crystalline level. Combined with Reiki energy, it allow unlimited healing energy from within and addresses any imbalances or blockages of the energy channels.

Please click here to view Jaslyn’s Booking Calender
Please sms 97524857 or book here for your preferred date and time
@One Heart, 37, Tembeling Road

Elaine Victoria Yang
Reiki Healing

1 hour healing $180 per session
Package of 3 sessions $450
See Elaine’s schedule and book a Reiki Healing session, or text 9488 2454

Reiki Sound Healing

In a Reiki Sound Healing session, Elaine uses seven crystal singing bowls – six Crystal Tones Alchemy bowls and a Heart Quartz bowl – to give an intuitive 15 minutes sound healing, followed by a 1 hour Reiki session.

During the 15 minutes sound healing, the seven crystal singing bowls will be played in symphony, and may followed by one, two or all three of them being sounded directly over different points of the body, depending on which of them Elaine is intuitively called to use for the client. The pure therapeutic sound and vibrations from the crystal bowls facilitate shifts in the physical and energetic body, and helps open the body to a deeper and more profound Reiki session.

A Reiki Sound Healing session consists of a 15 min intuitive Sound healing and a 1 hour Reiki session.
Rates: Additional $30 on top of cost of Reiki session, per session

See Elaine’s schedule and book a Reiki Sound Healing session, or text 9488 2454



See Rie’s Healing session schedule and book or SMS +65 98488786

Reiki healing session 60min 

Single session: $160, 3 sessions : $430 (2 months validity)

Reiki healing with Chakra balancing 75min 
Single session:  $180, 3 sessions : $490 (2 months validity)
Chakras are energy centres. Reiki and life force flow smoothly when they are balanced.
Recommended for the first session or whenever you feel less energy flow.

Reiki healing with Sound Medicine, Crystal Singing Bowls 75min
Single session:  $190, 3 sessions : $540 (2 months validity)
This is a session with 60min Reiki and 15min Sound Medicine.
The relaxing and healing sound of Crystal Singing bowls guide you both consciously and subconsciously to be more open to the healing and enhances the effects of Reiki. This relaxing sound, also known as sound medicine greatly assists in a smooth integration of the session.