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Eclipse Illumination – an online event with Julie Ann


Please join Julie Ann for this very special event – only offered online.

On November 30th we will experience a powerful lunar eclipse … just as most planets turn direct … and just before we head into the huge “month of revelation” in December.

Wow this is a big cosmic event.

Lunar eclipses shine a light on the truth – on what is being “revealed” – and they bring about a powerful reset of energy.

For each of us personally this is an incredible opportunity to let go and free ourselves of old patterns (for good). And to prepare for the energies of this amazing December (see below).

It’s so important at this time to be aligned and connected with our own inner guidance at this often confusing time. Let’s get clear, ready, aligned and connected.

This eclipse is visible in Singapore and will peak at 6.57pm. So we’ll meet at 4pm and be offline in time for you to experience the peak. Note that it’s a partial eclipse 🙂

We’ll prepare ourselves for this reset, and also learn lots about what’s happening for the rest of the year.

Are you in ?

Instructions for registration are below, but first a quick recap of 2020 and why the coming Solstice is so very powerful….

The December Solstice

Do you remember the amazing Stellium and Pluto-Saturn alignment we experienced on January 12th 2020 ?

In many ways the planetary configurations of that time foreshadowed the great upheaval we are experiencing this year. The breakdown of old power structures so the new can arise.

The bookend to that event is another huge alignment coming up on the Solstice (December 21st) when Jupiter and Saturn will meet in a rare grand conjunction … and bring a confirmation of the incoming Age of Aquarius (the planets are meeting in ZERO degrees AQUARIUS on this day).

There’s soooo much happening on this day of ancient prophecy which we’ll discuss when we meet !!

For the rest of the year each cosmic event is helping build the energy to prepare us for the December Alignment. And at each stage we have the opportunity to bring ourselves into alignment with the surges of energy.

These waves are carrying us into the new … so much better to be surfing the waves that being bowled over by them right ?

Which is why we’re meeting for this Lunar Eclipse.

More about the Eclipse Illumination event

During this event we’ll also dive into the big picture and discuss:

  • Why so much is happening in 2020
  • The rising Earth Frequency (Schumann Resonance etc)
  • The 2020 Timeline
  • The Age of Aquarius
  • Why the number codes 144, 11:11, 12:12, 444 etc are coming into your field
  • The Event Wave
  • The importance of  the coming Solstice and Jupiter/Saturn Grand Conjunction on that day
  • Why YOU volunteered to be here now and why you are so very needed at this time.
  • And MORE


This 90 minute video event will run from:

4pm till 5.30pm on Monday 30th November.

We’ll be ONLINE for the beginning of the eclipse but will finish before the peak.

If you can’t be there LIVE there will be a recording.  You’ll need to register to receive this.


How to Register


The energy exchange for this special event is $44

Space will be limited in the zoom room so please register early.

To confirm your place please click the “register now” button, fill in the form,
and then Paynow/Paylah $44 to 98430317
(or if you would prefer to pay by credit card please click here)

The zoom and recording links will be emailed to you before the event.


*If you are having financial issues right now but feel called to attend please contact me via the registration form.

For those in Alignment 11:11 2020 this event is already included for you.



November 30 2020


Date: November 30, 2020
Time: 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
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