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Meditations for connecting to the Tree of Life, and growing your own personal Life Tree

Date & time: Saturday 30th September & Sunday 1st October, 9.30am-1pm (workshop is done over two mornings)

This is both a live-in-person class and a live-stream class

Livestream class on Zoom. Link to attend: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9941921865

If you are not able to make it live, it is available to you as a recording that you can participate in in your own time.

Overview: The Tree of Life is an ancient and comprehensive system of meditation, personal development and inner growth represented by the diagram of a tree. Although it is best known as a ‘western’ tradition of spiritual growth (Judaist, Christian, Islamic), the fundamentals of the Tree of Life practice can be found in different ancient systems of meditation and mindfulness throughout the world. This workshop is a practical introduction to how to meditate with the Tree of Life in order to:

  • Stimulate holistic and integrated inner growth
  • Consciously develop different levels and states of consciousness in meditation, and learn how to transition or journey between them in the inner world
  • Stimulate the development of your creative, imaginal and visualization skills
  • Make systematic, organized contact with guides, teachers, healing forces and archetypal energies within the inner world
  • Practice different types of meditation to build different strengths, and help you deal with different inner challenges

In particular, the workshop will include five meditations too:

  • Balance and harmonize the different levels of subtle energy in your body
  • Build and grow your own personal Tree of Life in the inner world
  • Strengthen and balance your daily thoughts and emotions
  • Journey to the different dimensions of the soul using symbols and imaginal images
  • Enter into the formless, timeless dimensions of spirit, and return safely back into the physical, everyday world without feeling ungrounded or light-headed.

As well as the workshop you will receive:

  • Workshop notes detailing the meditations to take away
  • MP3 recordings of the meditation exercises that we will do in the workshop that you can then listen to anytime to support your ongoing personal Tree of Life meditation practice

Cost: The cost of the Tree of Life workshop is SGD$280

You can pay via PayNow on +65 96750279 or alternatively, you can use PayPal here.

To register or for further enquiries: Email info@tobyouvr.com, or SMS 96750279

About the workshop facilitator, Toby Ouvry: Toby is a mindfulness expert and the author of the book ‘Engaged Mindfulness – What mindfulness is and how to apply it to our daily lives’.

After originally training as an artist, subsequent to his degree, Toby spent ten years doing his foundational training in meditation & mindfulness, specializing in the Tibetan Tradition which included five years as an ordained Buddhist monk.

He has been practicing and teaching mindfulness & meditation for over twenty-five years, & has been practising the Tree of Life meditations since 2004. As the founder & principal facilitator at Integral Meditation Asia he delivers mindfulness programs to both the public & corporate sectors. He is a meditation & mindfulness blogger, and the author & creator of over fifteen practical workshops & courses on the subject.


September 30 2023


Moonstone Room – One Heart Singapore

167, Geylang Road #02-04
Singapore, 389242 Singapore