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Mindful Self-Leadership: A Three-hour mindfulness & meditation workshop

Date: Saturday June 10th, 9.30am-12.30pmThis is both a live & Livestream session

Live location: ONE Heart, 167, Geylang Road, S38924

Livestream class on Zoom. Link to attend: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9941921865

In a sentence: Learn how you can develop deep confidence in yourself, take benevolent control of your life, overcome inner inhibitions such as fear and invite fulfilment and wellbeing into through the practice of mindful self-leadership.

Overview: The best place to learn how lead is within yourself. Do you agree? Developing your mindful self-leadership is about how you can:

  • Feel increasing levels of comfort and confidence in your relationship to yourself, your life and in your ability to take yourself the direction that you truly want it to go
  • Develop your self-knowledge and self-understanding in order to find out what will really make you most happy
  • Find ways of being making use of the challenges that you face by taking responsibility for them, and leading yourself to the best solutions to those challenges
  • Learn to communicate with yourself and others in a way that encourages you to express your deeper values in the way you think feel and act
  • Develop a capacity for self-leadership that will be an inspiration to others and encourage them to develop their own self-leadership skills
  • Do all the above using a set of mindfulness practices that enables you to drop into states of mind that are relaxing, peaceful, and regenerative, and that will help you dramatically reduce the amount of negative stress and anxiety in your life.

If you have been answering ‘yes’ to the above points then the mindful self-leadership is for you.

This workshop is suitable for:

  • Those who may be new to mindfulness and who want to learn it in a way that cultivates the self-leadership skills outlined above.
  • People who are already familiar with mindfulness and meditation practice and wish to learn how to use it in a leadership context.

Details of the Workshop:

This three our workshop introduces four fundamental mindfulness practices that you can take into your daily life in order to develop your capacity for confident self-leadership. Self-leadership means to be confident and pro-active in the face of our life choices & challenges in a way that promotes ongoing enjoyment, enthusiasm & creativity in our life.

The four practices are as follows:

  1. Encountering– Developing your foundation for mindful self–leadership by increasing your capacity to encounter ALL of your reality without being intimidated by it
  2. Accepting– Mindfully accepting all that you are in order to lead yourself beyond who you are
  3. Envisioning– Connecting to the values of your personal self-leadership style
  4. Empowering –Taking responsibility for respecting who you are and expressing it appropriately in your life

Each of these practices invites the ongoing development of your own personal self-leadership style and understanding of how it can be integrated into your daily life.
As well as guiding these exercises Toby will here will be giving talks on each of them, and there will be time for exploration of the practices through Q&A.

In addition to the workshop, you will receive:

  • MP3 recordings of the practices and talks that are done during the workshop
  • Full workshop notes with all the mindful self-leadership exercises included as well as other relevant articles and materials.
  • In all, you will have a very clear idea of how you can continue your mindful self-leadership practice in your daily life after leaving the workshop

How much does it cost?

Cost for just the workshop: $180 (Pay via PayNow on +65 96750279 or alternatively, you can use PayPal here)

Cost of the workshop and the six-session Self-Leadership Course: $280, save $50 (Pay via PayNow on +65 96750279 or alternatively, you can use PayPal here)

For further enquiries or to book your place contact:  Email info@tobyouvry.com, or sms 65-96750279

Past participants comments:

‘I found this workshop excellent. It gives me a nice set of simple tools. Your talk did open my eyes to various issues and concepts, going beyond just the workshop.
Keep up the good work including your weekly blogs!’ – RM

‘Good pacing with the right amount of content. Very useful practical mindfulness exercises to complement the content shared. Great handout and online links (to the workshop recordings). Nice venue and small group. Sentence completion exercises very useful, thankyou!’ – GL 

‘I felt a connection with Toby straight away.

I feel more hopeful in how my life will proceed.

His (Toby’s) experience, way of speaking, knowledge and methods resonate with me.

Thankyou Toby’ – NG

‘The workshop was excellent! I really enjoyed not only the content, but also the process. I found the explanation and insights to be truly insightful and informative. Thanks so much!’ – DH

‘Really enjoyed the whole workshop – The focus that the sentence completion allowed me to have about my views & thoughts and feelings, plus the really helpful practical experience of the meditation exercises.’ – LO

‘It has been really useful for me to understand the stages of thought and mindfulness that lead to actual action. Thankyou!’ – MS

About the Facilitator: Toby is a meditation teacher, the founder of Integral Meditation Asia. He has been practicing and teaching meditation for over twenty-five years, five of which were as a Buddhist monk within the Tibetan tradition. In his teaching and coaching he combines practical meditation techniques from the world’s great wisdom traditions with the cutting-edge practices that are currently emerging from both the integral and evolutionary consciousness movements. You can find out more about the work of Integral Meditation Asia and Toby by going to www.integralmeditationasia and www.tobyouvry.com.


June 10 2023


Moonstone Room – One Heart Singapore

167, Geylang Road #02-04
Singapore, 389242 Singapore