Events, news and happenings May, 2018

Dear One Hearters,

I hope you are enjoying the Labour Day holiday! Were into the fifth month of the year already, and if you are feeling like you need some refreshment and regeneration on your journey through the year, then do check out the offerings from out facilitators and therapists below!

In the spirit of spring moving into summer,

Simon, Jaslyn & the Oneheart team




Our therapists offerings and events for April: 

Julie Ann is excited to be offering her new Law of Attraction workshop “Manifesting in this 11 Year” on the power date of Saturday 5/5. With so much change going on around us and in us this is the perfect day for a “reset”. Julie is also available for personal energy and coaching sessions in the week of May 7th-11th. Contact her for more information and to investigate what would work best for you right now.



Jaslyn is hosting a new Workshop, Hands on Organic Tempeh Making on 5th May. Water/Milk Kefir and Lacto-Fermentation workshop on the 23rd.

Weekday Reiki 1 Workshop is from 9th-11th. Reiki Kids workshop is on 19th May. There is no Reiki Healing group on the 1st and 28th.

Crystal Singing Bowls meditation is on 26th. She is also available for private Reiki Healing and Sound Reiki Healing session with her Crystal Singing bowls. Yoga is on every Monday, all are welcome! 


Toby Ouvry:  In addition to the Tuesday Integral Meditation class , on Saturday 7th April Toby will be doing a Meditation Workshop for Beginners. He is offering a brand new 1:1 Mindfulness Coaching for kids, teens and young adults. In the 20th & 21st May he will be doing his popular How to do Soul Portraits workshop and on Saturday 26th May he will be doing a Mastering your Mind Through Mindfulness day retreat!


Rie Komia is hosting a Breath and Sound evening with Elaine Yang on 21 May. Her Reiki Level 1 will be on 12 & 13 May, Reiki 1 in Japanese is on 26 & 27 May. She is available for Reiki Healing, Reiki with Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Healing personal sessions by appointment. Private/group Yoga & breath-work sessions are also available.




Natalia Padgen is gearing up for 2 day intensive collaboration with esteemed teacher Kevin Yee-Chan –Self-care for Self-healing: empowerment through awareness on Jun 2/3. She will also be teaming with Elaine Yang for a beautiful evening of Hypnotheraputic Meditation with crystal bowls on May 25. Private Intuitive Healing sessions available by appointment.




Elaine Grundy  is hosting her last few sessions before she goes off to the UK! The final Past Life Regression Group is on Thursday the 17th, 7.30pm, an interesting evening for those curious about past lives.   The Adyashanti gatherings will run this month on the 4th, 18th and 25th.  Thanks for all the love and hope to see you for big hugs and a cup of tea May 29th (Vesak Day) 3-5pm, an informal tea and farewell at One Heart.



Elaine Yang is co-creating with Natalia Padgen this month to offer Hynotherapeutic Meditation with Crystal Singing Bowls on 25th May – come Release and Restore with them on the mat! She will be teaching a Reiki 1 Workshop on the 26th and 27th May. Crystal Sound Bath and Reiki self-care evenings are on 14th and 28th May, and Breath and Sound Evening with Rie is on 21st May. Elaine is available for Reiki healing and Reiki Sound healing personal sessions, and Private Crystal Bowls Sound baths by appointment. Personal Sound Healing Journey, a personalised and tailored live recording of Elaine’s crystal singing bowls for your vision quest, healing, or manifestation, are available by order.