One Heart news & events for August 2018

Dear One Heart Community,

We’re moving solidly into the second half of 2018. The year has certainly gone by fast huh? If your feeling in need of a little inspiration, rebalancing, healing or simply some new perspectives to bring some vibrancy and colour into your life, then do have a browse through our therapist’s offerings for August. There is a huge variety to participate in!


In the spirit of vibrancy and colour,


Simon, Jaslyn & the Oneheart team

Featured Event for August : Yoga with Singing Bowls with Claudia and JaslynJoin Claudia and Jaslyn in this special curated session where we combine Hatha Yoga with the healing tones and vibrations of the Crystal Singing Bowls.
Hatha yoga is a gentle style of physical yoga that consist of a combination of standing and seated postures that stretches and align our muscles gently. Sound therapy has been
used for centuries by people from all cultures to assist in healing. The different Crystal Singing bowls will assist to facilitate a relaxing and calming sound therapy during the Yoga session. You can find out more or register here!

Our therapists offerings and events for August

Rie Komia is hosting a Breath and Sound evening with Elaine Victoria Yang on 20 August. Her 3 weekdays Reiki Level1 workshop, Self-help and empowerment, will be on 29-31 Aug,  Reiki 2, More possibility with Reiki, is on 25 & 26 August. Kundalini yoga class is on every Tuesday which is run by four KRI certified teachers. She is available for Reiki Healing, Reiki & Sound medicine with Crystal Singing Bowl personal sessions by appointmentPrivate/group Yoga & breath-work sessions are also available upon request.  



Natalia Padgen joins Elaine Yang for another Hypnotheraputic Meditation with Crystal Singing Bowls event on August 17, 7:30pm. Be sure to reserve your mat for a restorative evening. Natalia has just returned from embodiment and bodywork teacher training in Chiang Mai and is enjoying incorporating her learnings into private sessions. Only a handful of sessions left for August – by appointment.



Elaine Yang Elaine is teaching a weekend Reiki 1 Workshop on 25th and 26th August, and Reiki 2 Workshop on 18th and 19th of August.  Crystal Sound Bath and Reiki self-care evenings are on 13th and 27th August, and Breath and Sound Evening with Rie on 20th August. Elaine is available for Reiki healing and Reiki Sound healing personal sessions, and Private Crystal Bowls Sound baths by appointment. Introduction price for Personal Sound Healing Journey, a personalised and tailored live recording of Elaine’s crystal singing bowls by order, ends this month!


Julie Ann is thrilled to be offering her Law of Attraction workshop “Manifesting in this 11 Energy Year” once again on this Sunday August 5th. For those who missed the July class this is your chance! Coming just before the 8/8 Lion’s Gate Peak and the 3rd eclipse it will be great time to set some new intentions for your life. Julie is also available for in-person sessions at the beginning of the month.


Jaslyn Kee : Join Jaslyn for a special 8:8 Lion’s Portal Meditation on the 8th to gather and receive the super charged energies in this special portal.
Water/Milk Kefir and Lacto-Fermentation workshop is on 25th afternoon, Kimchi Workshop on 31st and a Weekend and Weekday Tempeh making class.
Reiki 1 Workshop is on 15th-17th. Crystal Singing Bowls and Chakra Balancing would be on 25th. She is also available for private Reiki Healing and Sound Reiki Healing session with her Crystal Singing bowls. Reiki shares is on every Tuesday, noon. Open to all.
Yoga would be on Wednesday mornings. All are welcome!


Toby Ouvry: As well as his ongoing Tuesday evening meditation classes, Toby will be starting a new evening series Effortless effort – Insight meditation for self-healing and transformation – a five week course on the 14th. On Saturday 11th August he will be doing both  a Qi Gong workout and meditation classand for meditation beginners Get Your Meditation Practice Started Now – The Shortest and Most Time Effective Meditation Workshop Ever. Finally, on Saturday 18th, 9.30-1pm he will be offering his Meditations for Developing the Language of Your Shadow Self Workshop1:1 coaching sessions are available by appointment.


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