Heart Healing

Heart Healing Treatment

This session is all about healing the heart centre. There are 5 different techniques to work on the different heart issues that can hold you back from giving, receiving or experiencing love. It heals and release the emotional pains and scars that are deeply seated within us, in our heart.

A session typically last for 45 minutes to 60 minutes. All the techniques are hands on, with the recipient lying on the massage bed or Yoga mat, fully clothed. Jaslyn will place her hands on the areas of the recipient’s body required. You may feel sensations like tingling, numbness, coldness, heat, etc. Even if you do not feel any sensation, the flow of the healing session will not be affected.

Each session is different. Jaslyn will use 1 or 2 of the heart healing techniques among the 5 listed that she is most guided to use during the session.

Energy Exchange : $170 per session 
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Wide Heart
It opens up and widen your heart’s energies, so that you may fully experience emotions and feelings without any restriction and limitation.

Deep Heart
This healing technique assist in letting go of any deep-seated, long-term wounds and emotions and filling the areas of the heart that are most in need of support.

Cradle of the Heart
The cradle of the heart reprograms the heart energies to bring in the wholeness created with nurturing. It is suitable for anyone who have suffered from the lack of nurturing, especially when it is rooted in the child/mother experience.

White Heart
White Heart is a powerful technique for re-establishing the flow between the head and the heart. When our head-heart connection is strong, we are able to access Divine Will and the flow of the Divine much more easily. White Heart is also very effective for healing the physical heart and maintaining a healthy heart.

Puffed Heart
If you feel challenged by a lack of ability to give or receive love to yourself or others, then Puff Heart will be able to fill your heart with love, and reminding you what love is.

Disclaimer: Everyone’s healing process is different. It might take one or several sessions for the effects to be felt.