One Heart news & events for May 2017

Dear One Heart Community,

Happy May-day everyone! If you are in the northern hemisphere (which we are in Singapore, just) then May 1st places us at the heart of spring and the gateway to summer. Correspondingly at One Heart this month there is a super-rich variety of offerings and events from our community of practitioners…

This month’s featured therapist is Elaine Victoria Yang. A Reiki teacher and therapist, she also offers sound healing with crystal singing bowls, and collaborates with yoga teachers to offer sound healing with different yoga disciplines. This month she will be co-creating with Karen Taylor in a specially curated workshop, Hatha Yoga with Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Meditation, for the Oneheart community event on 20th May. Sound meditation with the crystal bowls will be used to integrate the energies and healing from the hatha yoga session for this workshop.

In the spirit of wellbeing,
Simon, Jaslyn & the Oneheart team


Other news, offerings and & from our teacher community: 
Jaslyn will be conducting her monthly Water/Milk Kefir and Lacto Fermentation Workshop on 19th May. Learn to heal your gut and sample yummy probiotics laden food and bring home lots of probiotics in this 3.5 hours comprehensive workshop. She will also be conducting her Reiki level 1 Workshop on 24th-26th May from 9.30am to 1.30pm for all 3 days, Reiki 2 workshop is happening on 13th & 14th May. She is also offering Reiki Healing and Sound Reiki Healing sessions with her 2 new addition Crystal Singing Bowls, Mother of Platinum and Ocean Indium to harmonise healing at a deeper level.

Karen is teaching a week-day Reiki 2 class this month. She will be joining Elaine Yang to create a powerful healing ‘Hatha Yoga & Crystal Singing Bowl’ class for our monthly community event. Karen will also be running her usual weekly Hatha Yoga class but please note it won’t be on 5th May. Karen is available for Hypnotherapy and Reiki healing sessions by appointment.



Toby Ouvry is doing his Soul Portrait workshop on Monday the 8th(almost full), his Integral meditation & mindfulness deep dive half day retreat is on the morning of Saturday 6th May. On May 20th he is doing his half-day workshop Meditations for Transforming Negativity and Stress into Energy, Positivity and Enlightenment Finally, Toby will be starting a bi-monthly weekday Integral Meditation class on Monday mornings May 15th & 29th, 10-11am as well as his regular Tuesday evening meditation classes.


Elaine Grundy is running a Reiki 1 at the end of May. Note the lovely Adyashanti gatherings are running every week this month apart from 19th May.  I am off to New York this month to train in Past Life Regression!  Looking forward to sharing my learning with you at the Open Day with a group session.


Elaine Yang will be running two Crystal Sound Bath Reiki Self-care evenings this month, and conducting a Reiki 1 in English workshop. She will be holding an evening Yin Yoga with Crystal Sound Bath session on 2nd June with Ming Li. Elaine is also available for Reiki healing and Reiki Sound healing personal sessions.



Julie Ann This month Julie Ann is offering “The Healing Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu” on May 18th. Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) “shares” are also kicking off this month on the evening of May 8th and the morning of the 22nd. If you’re curious to learn more about JSJ, make sure you come along to our One Heart Celebration Day (see details below) where Julie will be hosting an intro session about this beautiful healing modality.




Come and enjoy a day of community, sharing and awesome practices! All to help you get back into balance, introduce you to new modalities and gain personal healing and insights.  All the workshops are suitable for complete beginners as well as seasoned practitioners.  You can choose to come to one or two sessions (priced at $15 per session), join us for a delicious light salad lunch ($10) or the full day at $75 including lunch.
10am – Hatha Yoga with Flow with Karen Taylor, suitable for all levels including beginners. Feel the union of mind, body and spirit with this mindful practice of yoga. This yoga class will include some pranayama to help channel the subtle energy created to where it’s needed. A wonderful way to start the day, helping you to de-stress, balance, strengthen, stretch and revitalise on all levels.
11am – Shamanic Mandala Meditation with Toby Ouvry.  Shamanic mandala meditation is a profound and also fun way to explore your own inner universe, build the power of your inner senses and access a whole new dimension of experiential and intuitive knowing. This is a one hour practical introduction.
12pm – Light Lunch
1pm – Jin Shin Jyutsu Introduction with Julie Ann.  No – it’s not a martial art. JSJ is a hands on energy modality that works with the meridian system to balance body, mind and spirit. In this session you’ll get to relax and experience some of the simple but powerful tools in a self help capacity, while learning more about this beautiful healing system/philosophy.
2pm – Group Past Life Regression with Elaine Grundy.  Group regression is a fun and often powerful way to experience insights into past lives, but can also be a very relaxing guided meditation to release past blocks.
3pm – Reiki Share with Crystal Singing Bowls with Elaine Yang and Jaslyn Kee.  In this session, we combine our group Reiki share with the healing sounds and vibrations of Crystal Singing Bowls. Bask in giving and receiving Reiki in a group treatment setting, while the crystal singing bowls are played in intervals to support the group healing.
4pm – Closing Meditation (15 minutes)