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October, 2017

Dear Friend,
As we continue into the final quarter of the year, One Heart continues to evolve as a community centre for holistic learning & personal growth. Yesterday we had another of our open days which was a rich and interactive experience as usual!Scroll down below for the different workshops & other opportunities to participate for the month of October.
Octobers featured event is with Toby:Meditating with your Shadow Self; Finding Freedom from What Holds You Back in Life – A 1 hour talk & introduction on October 24th. Our shadow is the part of self that has been repressed & lies hidden but active within our subconscious mind. It contains a ‘bright’ & a ‘dark’ dimension. Working with these two aspects of our shadow helps us to awaken it’s hidden potential, bringing it out into our conscious awareness so that we can develop & use it fully. Click on the link for full details! In the spirit of the journey, 

Simon, Jaslyn & the Oneheart team

Other news, offerings and & from our teacher community: 

Julie Ann is excited to be offering a new Law of Attraction workshop “Manifesting in the New Energy” on October 7th (there’s an early bird price for those who register and pay by October 2nd – please check the website for more details). And based on the great response, Julie is continuing the special price for her personal Pineal Activation/Attunement sessions for the month of October too. During this “10/10” month of New Beginnings It’s the perfect timing for one of these beautiful sessions which help open and strengthen your connection to your inner guidance (click here for available times).

Jaslyn would be hosting her popular Gut Health – Kefir and Lacto-Fermentation workshop on the 6th, Friday; and Homemade Yogurt  Workshop would be on the 21st. Plenty of ways to introduce natural probiotics into your gut in these 2 classes.
Crystal Singing Bowl meditation would also be on 21st. There is also a weekday Reiki 1 workshop from 25th to 27th. Jaslyn is also available for private Reiki HealingLight Energy Weave HealingHeart Healing and Sound Reiki Healing session with her Crystal singing bowls.

Reiki Kids workshop would be on 11th November. The pre-requisite is that at least 1 parent must already have Reiki.

Karen will be teaching a week-day Reiki 1 class this month. There will be a few weeks break for her Friday morning yoga class but it will resume 27th October so do come along then if you’d like to tone, strengthen, increase flexibility and improve your health. It’s a lovely welcoming group and a great way to learn some yoga, breathing and meditation techniques to help you de-stress and get back into balance. Karen is available for Hypnotherapy and Reiki healing sessions by appointment. Next month Karen will be running a week-day Reiki 2 class.

Toby as well as his ongoing Tuesday evening meditation classes, & shadow session mentioned above, this month Toby will be offering two workshops; Saturday October 21st, 10am-5pm – Meditations for connecting to the Tree of Life, and growing your own personal Life Tree and on Saturday 21st October, 2-5.30pm – Going From Over-whelmed to Over-well: Meditation for Quietening the Mind – a three hour workshop


Elaine Grundy  is running a Reiki 2 workshop the weekend October 7-8th.  The Adyashanti gatherings will run this month 13th and 20th.  A reminder the Reiki Healing groups, and the Kundalini Yoga is on every week on Tuesday mornings and the Past Life Regression Group will be on the 12th, 7.30pm.



Elaine Yang is running a Yin Yoga and Crystal Sound bath workshop with Ming Li once again on 20th October – come and experience meditative Yin yoga with the healing vibrations of crystal singing bowls! Crystal Sound Bath and Reiki Self-care evenings for this month will be on 9th and 23rd October, and Breath and Sound evening with Rie Komiya on the 16th October. Elaine is conducting a Reiki 1 workshop in English on 28th – 29th October, and available for Reiki healing and Reiki Sound healing personal sessions by appointment.



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