Personalised Reiki 1,2,3,Teacher’s Training Workshops with Jaslyn

This is a face to face online study for Levels 1,2,3 Reiki Workshops. The benefits of face to face classes are that you can still learn Reiki anywhere you are. The workshop can still be completed within 2 to 4 days with more flexibility on timing. Onsite face to face workshops are also available.

For the Reiki level 1 workshop, there are 4 attunements. The attunements would be able to activate the flow of Reiki in your palms. The combination of a distant attunements and face to face study would let you be attuned to the Reiki energy and learn about the teachings of Reiki in a more effective and comprehensive way.

The course content for Level 1 workshop is as follows :

– Introduction to Energy and Healing
– 4 Reiki Attunements
– Introduction to Chakras and their functions
– Balancing techniques for the Chakra Energy system
– Full body healing treatment for yourself or others
– Intuitive Healing treatment
– Giving others a Reiki treatment
– First aid treatment
– Different types of Meditation and Reiki
– Qualities of Reiki
– Giving Reiki to animals and plants, other general uses etc.
– Grounding and cleansing techniques
– Usui Reiki history and the 5 principles

The course content for Level 2 workshop are as follows (2 months waiting period after level 1):

A second-degree attunement is given and 3 symbols are taught.  The practitioner would able to utilize the tools to empower their Reiki flow and other practical ways to use the symbols and heal at a deeper level.

  • The Empowerment symbol – enhances the Reiki flow in your palms and it used for grounding, and increases the effectiveness when used with the other symbols.
  • The Harmony symbol – Harmonizes environment, spaces, belongings, people and improves the energies around you. It is also used for creativity, intuition, communication etc.
  • The Sending symbol – It allows Reiki to be sent to people, events, other energy system or blockages. Time and place is not an issue as we would be able dial in and fix them whenever and wherever you are. This is a very powerful tool as we are now able to resolve our issues, so as to be able to move on.

There would be plenty of opportunities for you to practice on your symbols and learn how to apply them in your daily practice. If you did not train with Jaslyn or The Reiki Centre for Level 1, please email Jaslyn to check on your eligibility before you register for the class.

The course content for Level 3 workshop are as follows (6 months waiting period after level 2):

Revision of Level 1 and 2 teachings. Learning the Master’s symbol, Heart attunement and minor chakra attunements. Using the Master’s symbol in sending and healing etc.

Prerequisites: You must have done Reiki level 2 with a Reiki Centre trained Reiki Master, completed Level 2 at least six months previously. You must have completed the homework sent to you in advance by Jaslyn. Reiki Level 3 is about transformation – you must be familiar with the Level 2 symbols and have completed your homework before coming to class.

Reiki teacher’s training can be taken right after the Reiki level 3 training. 

It comprised of 3 weekend or weekday workshops in the beginning, mid and end of the training process with assignments and homework. The entire process is designed to take 6 months but can take longer depending on your individual journey. There is no time restraint and you can take as long as you require to complete your studies. However, if you do not complete all the assignments in time for the gathering for your year, your graduation will be delayed.

Pre-requisites is that you must have completed your Reiki Level 3 training with Jaslyn.

Moving Forward

When you have decided on your class, please register here and
Jaslyn will be contacting you to arrange for the necessary steps for the online face to face workshops. For any queries or clarifications, please email

The Reiki 1 class is $475, Reiki 2 class is $547, Reiki 3 class is $798 and Reiki Teacher’s course is $2700 for 2022/2023. Do message Jaslyn to find out more about the Teacher’s training.