Reiki Healing

A healing session is when a Reiki practitioner gives you a Reiki treatment whereby energy passes through light, non-invasive touch with the practioner’s hands placed and held on a series of body locations to provide you with an energy boost and assist in healing.

The Reiki Energy will assist your body to heal, rejuvenate and restore any imbalances. Reiki treatments last one hour and a Reiki treatment with Crystal bowl would last 75 mins.

Treatments varies from session to session depending on the kind of healing your body require at that time. A series of treatments will be required to see significant results, we generally suggest a series of three treatments to kick start your healing process.

Jaslyn uses her Crystal singing bowls to deepen the effect of healing in her Reiki Treatment. The Crystal Bowls works directly with Reiki and channel vibrational energy into the body to heal in a cellular and crystalline level. Combined with Reiki energy, it allow us access to the unlimited healing energy from within and addresses any imbalances or blockages of the energy channels.


Jaslyn Kee

1 hour healing $150 per session
Package of 3 sessions at $390

1 hour 15mins healing with Crystal Singing Bowls $180 per session
Package af 3 sessions at $480

Text 97524857 for appointments