Numerology Reading with Jaslyn

In the reading, we will be using the Universal Characteristic Method Human Profiling (UCMHP) method, created by Dr. Bernard Yeo, Founder of UCMHP Academy. We use the Pythagoras Theorem and your date of Birth(DOB) or Time of Birth(TOB) to analyse your character, personalities and key behaviours. Profiles calculated from this method ensures that the reading based on the DOB or TOB is not affected by questionnaires tests and can be done quickly and has an accuracy of up to 90%.

The reading does not involve religion, superstition and uses mathematical methodology and proven studies and statistics.

The UCMHP reading reveal your Universal Character, in letting you understand your true self, your natural strengths, weakness, preferences, character, hidden talents, and your destiny. By doing a reading for yourself, you would have insight and more clarity on how to improve and manage the challenges in your life.

A typical reading covers:

  • universal Character number,
  • Strengths and weakness,
  • life destiny number,
  • 49 steps reading to know yourself,
  • suitable career choices,
  • suitable/lucky colors,
  • personal health check, (potential heart attack, heart bypass, cancer no. etc)
  • personal life code number( to ward off energy suckers, turn big problems into smaller ones and small problems to none)
  • Remedies

We are also able to calculate the compatibility chart between your partners, children, business partners, no of children, yearly outlook, auspicious day and time, etc.

Session can be done online or onsite. Please message Jaslyn@ 97524857 or email her at to make an appointment or enquiries.

Jaslyn graduated as a Master Analyst Life Mentor Coach from UCMHP Academy Pte Ltd and has been actively doing readings for her clients.

Testimonial :

Thank you for the reading, I have better focus and clarity on what I must do and improve on in moving forward. The life code card also assisted me to connect with others and looking at myself from their perspectives. My way of thinking and how I organise my thoughts has also shifted. I can really feel the vibrations from it.