About Kundalini yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a technology that quickly allows us to reconnect with our internal wisdom to feel fulfilled, centered and joyful. We use the sacred science of this practice followed in a precise manner to create connection.  The class uses specific kriyas (series of postures), breath work, meditations and mantras, to cultivate inner peace, and embrace our personal power. Just one class will introduce you to the reservoir of wellness and bliss we all have inside of ourselves.

For Anyone, for Everyone

Most beginners find the classes a bit odd at first!  It is nothing like any yoga class you have done before.  Come with an open mind, and let your feelings and expression of joy be your guide.  Each class is open to ALL ages and levels. No previous experience is necessary. You do not have to be flexible, in good shape or fit into lycra!  Just come in comfortable clothing and if you cannot sit on the floor it can be done on a chair.

A note on mantra:  some people, for religious reasons, do not feel comfortable with mantra.  We do use mantra in Kundalini yoga as a way of connecting vibrationally to certain states within ourselves.  If you do not feel comfortable you do not need to chant, but the mantra is used for vibrational rather than any religious reasons.  We do not teach Kundalini yoga with any religious overtones.